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Helsinki City Marathon

The Helsinki City Marathon is an annual marathon held in Helsinki, Finland. It was established in 1980 and is normally held in August.Helsinki City Marathon (HCM) gathers about 6000 runners from all around the world to Helsinki every year. The start of the run is close to the Helsinki Olympic Stadium, on the Mäntymäentie-street in front of the statue of a great Finish Olympic runner, Paavo Nurmi at 3 PM. Helsinki City Marathon is a one-start-event.

42,195 meters long route goes around Helsinki finishing inside the historical Helsinki Olympic Stadium.The route of the Helsinki City Marathon is strongly influenced by the sea and the parks of Helsinki. Almost half of the course follows the coast line of the Baltic Sea, and the course going through nice islands and parks will guarantee you an unforgettable marathon experience.The police and traffic controllers will be controlling the route. At some point, the vehicles might have to be let in between the runners and it might hinder the pace of the runners for a moment.

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