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New York City Marathon

Beginning with just 55 finishers racing around Central Park, the New York Marathon has grown to become one of the most popular marathons around the world. The original race was nothing more than circling repeatedly through Central Park, but since 1970 when it was created, the route has been expanded to see more of NewYork’s character and excitement.

The new course tromps through five various boroughs of New York City and it is now the largest marathon in the world, touting over 50,000 finishers yearly.In a class alongside the Boston Marathon and the Chicago Marathon, it is considered one of the most prominent marathons in the United States, pulling people from around the world to compete. The new course allows those who have never seen the big apple to tromp through five different sections of the city and beyond.Held on the first Sunday of November every year, it is a race that is opened to both amateur and professional athletes alike.

Due to the popularity of the race and the infamy of it, participation is based solely on a lottery system, which makes it a very exclusive event. Members of the NYRR have priority, gaining entry by meeting qualifications, they are guaranteed a spot, or they can obtain a nomination via an official running club affiliate.

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