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Whistler 50 Ultra

The 50 mile (80km) course will consist of 4 loops of approximately 20km, with the 20km loop divided into legs of about 13km and 7km for the 8-person relay. Odd legs (1, 3, 5, and 7) will run 13km and even (2, 4, 6, and 8) will run 7km. The 4-person relays will alternate 20km loops while the 2-person relays may alternate 20km loops or run 40km each. The 50 mile total distance will be certified.

Ultra runners will run 4 laps of approximately 20km each.

The 8 individuals on an 8-Person Relay team will run alternating legs of approximately 13km, 7km, 13km, 7km, … 13km, 7km.

The 4 individuals on a 4-Person Relay team will each run legs of approximately 20km. The 2 individuals on a 2-Person Relay team can alternate running legs of approximately 20km or each run 40km.

The two relay exchange points are now both in Whistler Olympic Plaza. While your teammate is running, you can stroll through Whistler Village and pick up a coffee or hang out in the beer garden to cheer them on.

The course is traffic free with minimal road crossings. There will be aid stations approximately every 4km.

The course is largely on the Valley Trail system. The 13km leg of each loop is on paved trail with rolling hills while the 7km leg features mostly wide, hard packed gravel trails with some steeper hills.

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