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Cape Wrath Marathon

“The Cape Wrath Challenge is unique – where else can a runner go for an entire week of running and entertainment? The runners get five separate running events spread over 6 days, culminating in a full marathon (which if not the toughest in the UK is certainly one of the toughest.) For those who return friendships are renewed and old rivalries rekindled.

And all this is done amongst the loveliest and most remote of Scotland’s world famous scenery and in the environment of a tiny and immensely friendly village, who warmly welcome the return of the runners every year.

For the village, with a population of around 300, the influx of runners brings in much valued income. Not only are new friendships made between runners but also between the runners and members of the Durness community. And to prove just how welcoming and addictive this far north west village is, over the years since the inception of the CWC, three families have ‘up sticks’ and moved home to Durness. And this is vitally important, six new children dramatically increasing the school population.

Conceived of the Millennium ‘Island Race’, celebrating 10 successful years of friendly competition, this event has earned its reputation as being one of the highlights in the Running Calendar.”

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