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Detroit Marathon

The Detroit Marathon better known as the Free Press Marathon is one of the few true International races in the US. Going from the heart of Detroit, runners cross over into Motor City Ontario, crossing international lines. The race is run across the river banks of the Detroit river with the view of a spectacular countryside that is like none other.

A unique course, there is also a section of about a mile-long stretch that takes you underground through the Detroit-Windsor tunnel. Twists and turns all along the course, it is a path that always leaves you guessing. A mostly flat and fast run, it is the perfect event for beginners to advanced athletes trying to beat their personal best. Starting in the downtown city center, runners race around the city going over bridges and through tunnels. When crossing over into Ontario, participants get to get a glimpse of historic landmarks in Canada like the Campus of the Ontario’s University of Windsor and then back to Detroit they race. A city that comes alive with celebration, there is no shortage of spectator participation and live music.

Get caught up in the excitement alongside walkers and wheelchair participants as you all make your way to the finish line. A cool weather event, the race is held in October, which can have you facing anything from tepid 70s to snow. Unpredictability is the landmark of this awesome and challenging run.

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