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Leiden Marathon

The Leiden Marathon is known for its good organization and fine atmosphere. With the most beautiful course in The Netherlands, an ancient city (where Rembrandt was born).The marathon of Leiden (also called Leiden Marathon) is a running race over 42,195 km, run annually in Leiden since 1991. Area The Pool Jaroslav Lewandowski wrote the marathon only four times in his name. Agnes Hijman from Mijdrecht won six in a row at the women and then was appointed to ‘Miss Leiden Marathon. In the meantime, the winning times are such that usually African runners claim the win for themselves. For the full marathon with a time limit of six hours applies.

From 2013 (26 May), the 42,195 km round again, that combines the historical Leiden nine villages in the Green Heart, which the marathoners run through a typical landscape of polders, windmills and cows. By many runners, the new trail is now named ‘the most beautiful trails in the Netherlands’.In addition to the full marathon, there are also the half marathon (since 1991). In 2012 8.700 people registered for the event. The organization’s 2013 growth target within five years and wants to grow 20,000 participants.

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