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London Marathon

The London Marathon has been one of the most beloved events worldwide for more than three decades. Touting participation rates around 36,000, runners crowd the streets of downtown London as they race to the end of the 26.2-mile race course. Not only just to challenge themselves, most of the runners compete for their favorite charity or to raise funds for those in need.A marathon that is characterized by crazy costumes, everything goes, which is why it is such a huge attraction for both runner and spectator alike. From Batman to Superman, super elite athletes to beginners get in on the fun by making themselves stand out and not being too serious in the face of competition.

Officially named the Virgin Money London Marathon, it is open to anyone who is willing to put themselves out there, train, and race toward the finish line.The route runs directly through the city center, hitting Thames, Blackheath and Greenwich along the way, which makes it the perfect way to see London for the first time all on foot. Other famous sites along the way are Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and the London Eye.Termed the “historical jog around London”, people from all over the globe participate in this fantastic event. Created by Christ Brasher, a winner of the New York Marathon, its mission was to unite the world in running while running for any cause that people wanted. Raising millions of dollars every year, it not only produces some of the most accomplished athletes, but it also helps people around the world who need support and money.

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