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Richmond Marathon

The Anthem Richmond Marathon is an annual footrace which has been run for over three decades. Started in 1978, it is more than just a marathon. More like a running event, the entire city comes alive with festivals, spectators, and athletes challenging themselves to make it over the finish line.

An amazing way to see the sites of Richmond, the course covers nearly all the historic architecture around the city as well as the neighborhoods that line the James River. Seeing the potential for a fantastic party, in recent years, the course was altered so that the finish line and post party are located at the riverfront. Termed as “America’s Friendliest Marathon”. Unlike other races, there are wet washcloth stations, and junk food stops along the way to keep your engines revved up. The post-run party is one of the most spectacular celebrations a runner can participate in.

Live bands, party zones, DJs and other nonsense to immerse yourself in, it is the perfect ending to a challenging course. Most of the participants find their way to Brown’s Island and end the day with some hot pizza and cold beer.

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