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Ultra Trail Gaspesia 100

Following the success of two first editions, the Gaspesia Race Series is proud to held a new edition of the Ultra Trail Gaspesia 100 (UTG100), a unique trail running experience between the shoreline and mountain ranges of the Gaspésie!

A solo experience…

Presented in partnership with the Town of Percé, the Ultra Trail Gaspesia 100 is a partial autonomous 100 mile endurance race. The UTG100 also offers ultra running courses of 106 and 53 km in addition to 1-6-12 and 25 km paths that will allow all runners to unique athletic experience in an exceptional mountainous region of Percé! A 3 three days stage race, the Trans-Percé 90 km is also at the event program!

Or a team experience…

Our 160 and 106 kilometers races are also open to teams relay of 2 to 6 people. The teams are free to plan their relays according to the tastes, skills and calibers of the team members, respecting the places where the relays are allowed. Teams may nominate only one runner at a time on the trails. The team class has only three categories; men, women and mixed, regardless of the number of team members!

The starting point of the UTG100 will take place in Percé, the tourist capital of the Gaspésie, near the world renowned Percé Rock. The route will provide mainly single track trails all leading up to the point with the most spectacular view of the area. Participants will discover landscapes featuring Percé Rock, Bonaventure Island, the Emerald River, Anse-à-Beaufils River and obviously, the Gulf of St.-Lawrence.

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